Why are many affiliate's blogs called affiliate-something.com ?

It is as if affiliates have no originality what so ever. There are so many blogs by affiliates that are called something affiliate. affiliateblog.co.uk, affiliatestuff.co.uk, affiliatemarketingblog.co.uk, affiliate-my-cat-ate-my-homework blah blah.

They all blend into one and have no individual branding what so ever. I am having a rant about this because I wanted to go back to a blog that I was reading the other day. I wanted to see it again because it had a cartoon character as the logo. I want to show my wife the cartoon character as she is going to do one for me. She is a bit of an artist you see. But could I remember the name of the blog? Could I heck. All I could remember that it was affiliate something. If it was Shoe Money, or Here, or John Chow or 45n5 then I would have remembered it.

I am not anti keyword domain names either. In fact, I love them. I use them all the time for consumer websites. But those websites get traffic from SEO and keyword domains are an important element in this. But are these affiliate marketing blogs aiming to get most of their traffic from search engines? How many people search for "affiliate marketing blog" in Google? I bet not many. I reckon most people find good affiliate marketing blogs from affiliate forums and word of mouth. Good affiliates are known within the industry and therefore so are their blogs. I for one have never ever searched for an affiliate blog in Google. And I read a lot of affiliate blogs.

Rant over. I feel calmer now.

ps, I actually love the blogs that I mentioned. They are quality, despite their names.


I am guessing the cartoon character is me http://www.affiliatemarketingblog.co.uk/ and to be fair the reason I picked this name was to be found in search for different Affiliate Marketing keywords but have been too busy to do the SEO work, one day, one day! However you are correct people look for my blog, either because of listings on forums or word of mouth, plus when I actually write the odd good article from time to time, it's passed around email and MSN.

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Hi Clarke,

Yes it was you! Nice cartoon by the day! I'll add your blog to my RSS reader so that I don't forget it. ;)

It will be interesting to see if you end up with much search traffic when you do get the time to doing the SEO work. Keep us posted.

To be fair, I haven't actually checked the traffic levels for "affiliate marketing blog" related keywords. It may well be a little gold mine.

They have affiliate in domain becuase the site is about affiliate marketing, and it will help with SEO!

Affiliate marketing will grow to be a very important sector and at that point i bet you wish you registered, affiliateblog.co.uk, etc. rather than befused which is worth very little.

The old branding rules (use a short, unique, memorible name) doesn't always work online. A lot of very successful websites have dull keyword rich domains, seomoz.org, seobook.com, problogger.com, business.com, etc.

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My point was that most affiliate marketing blogs do not get traffic from SEO, but rather from forums and word of mouth (I could be wrong on this, just a theory).

I totally agree with you that traditional branding rules does not always work online. That is why I said that I normally love keyword focused domain names for consumer sites because of their SEO advantages.

In regards to the name of this site: It is not just about affiliate marketing, so an affiliate related name would not make much sense. Because this blog covers a range of topics, a generic name made more sense.

Basically selected mine as it was self explanatory, i'm a student and affiliate and affiliatestudent.co.uk sounds better than studentaffiliate :)

Despite the fact that I don't have the keyword "affiliate" in my domain I still get a lot of traffic from the search engines from people searching for affiliate related keywords.

So whilst I'm not saying that keywords in domains are useless, they aren't as important as they used to be. Google does a pretty good job on its own of identifying the theme of a blog and then sending relevant traffic. Which is why I simply call mine here.org.uk - it seemed a short, quirky and brandable name for my blog.

But what will you do when you're no longer a student Max? ;-)

P.S. Our blog's domain name is completely different to all the others. We chose it because it's quick to enter in the address bar and memorable.

Thank you, Nice post. Till up to now I have ignored the affiliate marketing, Now I understand the importance of it. Thanks again I will follow your suggestions.

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