What's next for BeFused?

BeFused is over 7 years old, which is pretty old in Internet years. During those last 7 years I have written about a few different topics including Internet Marketing, CSS and Drupal. Most of the posts in the past few years have been about Drupal.

Single audience

Despite having a few different topics along the way, one thing has remained consistent. The type of audience. This is people like me - web professionals.

Drupal Tutorials

I enjoy writing about Drupal, and helping people climb the Drupal learning curve. And I'm going to continue to do that. The need for quality Drupal tutorials is greater than ever with the release of Drupal 8.

More topics

I will also be exploring a few new topics that are very relevant to web professionals. Why new topics? Well, that comes down to a core ethos of what I have been trying to achieve with BeFused: share what I have learned to help others.


The first new topic is freelancing and consulting. I have been freelancing for over 5 years, and in the last couple of years I have been trying out new strategies and tactics in my freelance/consulting business. In the past few months, I've really accelerated the implementation of these new strategies. Some of it is working well (like weekly billing), some of it less well. In keeping with the ethos of sharing to help others, I want to share what I am doing with my freelancing business.

Writing and publishing

The second new topic is writing and publishing. This is for exactly the same reason as freelancing, to share what I have learned. And I've learned a tonne from writing and marketing Master Drupal Module Development, this blog and education based content marketing generally. I'm also exploring ways to use writing to attract freelance clients and would love to share what I learn.

Premium Products

One thing is certain - the strategy of sharing quality content combined with a premium product for those that need to go deeper is one I am sticking with.

Master Drupal Development

At the moment, BeFused houses one premium product - Master Drupal Module Development. I'd like to add more. I'm getting a lot of requests to write a Drupal 8 version of Master Drupal Module Development, which I am considering.

Smaller guides

I am planning on creating guides that are smaller than a full on book, and more laser focused on a single problem. This will give you the option of getting access to premium content that is specific to a particular problem you are having without having to buy a full book just for the one relevant chapter (let me know if there is a particular area you'd like covered in a guide).

BeFused 3.0

I released a new theme and simplified structure in the summer. I planned on refining it after the release, but then got really busy with client work so it hasn't changed since, apart from some limited split testing. So I am going to block out some time to really improve the structure, the home page, page speeds etc.

Publishing more constantly

One thing I have struggled with is sticking to a regular publishing schedule. There are reasons for this, but I don't want to make excuses and this is something I really need to get right. This starts with writing more, and I'm doing a 90 writing challenge to help with that. Next step is to create an editorial calendar that I actually stick to.


At the moment, there is no way of knowing that I am available for hire as a consultant when on BeFused. That is about to change! I am building a separate consulting website, which will be linked to from relevant parts of BeFused. At the very least, there will be a "Hire me" button of sorts somewhere visible.