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A photo speaks a thousand words

In a web world where content (text/words) is king, web masters often ignore photographs on web pages because all they are thinking about is content for search engines. And that means text and lots of it. The result is an Internet full of text heavy sites.

But real people hate reading reams of text on their computer screens! An interesting, relevant and well placed photograph can really lift a web page and make it a whole lot more interesting.

It has never been easier to obtain cheap or even free photos that you can use on your website royalty free.


Stock.xchng is probably the best source of free photos on the web. Some of the premium photos cost around $1, but the majority of photos are free for you to use.

Visit Stock.xchng


iStockphoto has some stunning and beautiful photos. They are not free, but generally cost $1, so are very reasonably priced.

Visit iStockphoto

Free Photos Bank

Free Photos Bank is another great source of free stock photos.

Visit Free Photos Bank


Why did not you added the shutter-stock here as stock photography resource? It has a huge collection of stock photos in all category.

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