Google Custom Search for Your Website

Google has developed a product that small business can use to add search functionality to a website. Many websites that do not use content management systems do not have search functionality, so users cannot search the content on these websites. Because Google is crawling the web anyway, website owners can tap into their results.

Google's Custom Search Business Edition cost $100 (£49) and Google Adwords (sponsored results) are turned off, so you get a pure organic search engine without Google adverts.

Key features:

  • Users can search other websites as well as your own.
  • Integrates into your website with your own design
  • Customise the XML feed to change the look and feel of the results
  • No sponsored ads (Adwords) in the results

Google's Custom Search Business Edition is a great product for website owners who want a reliable, accurate and customisable search feature built into their website.

Example of Google Custom Search Business Edition

More info on Custom Search Business Edition from Google


It is a great search engine.

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