Web Design Contract Template

Developing a legal contract to bind the agreement between a web designer or developer and its clients can be a very expensive and time consuming exercise.

Thankfully the kind folk at Media Surgery have gone through the expense for you and put together a legal agreement that a freelance (or agency) web designer, developer or search engine optimiser can use.

There are three documents:

The Terms: Your standard terms and conditions. This is the nuts and bolts of the agreement and includes provisions for rejected work, non payment, changing search engine algorithms, your intellectual property, third party disclaimers, maintenance fees and when the total fees should be paid.

The Works: This is a detailed list of the work that is to be carried out. This can be based on your accepted proposal.

The Contract: The actual contract between you and your client. This ties "The Terms" and "The Works" together.

I have worked with legal contracts many times in the past, and this one is of a high standard. It strikes the balance between covering yourself and not over whelming you clients.

Of course, I in no way give you any guarantees or warranties! If you have any doubts what so ever, seek professional legal advise (at least you have a starting point).

EDITED - This used to be free, but now costs $22 / £15. Thanks Josh for the heads up.

Download the contract from Media Surgery


Maybe they offered the contract templates for free at one point, but they're charging $22 now. Thanks for the heads up, but you might want to change the title of the post to "expensive design contract that used to be free."

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Thanks for letting me know that it is no longer free. I have removed "free" from the title.

So? Did anyone actually get this when it was free and could pass it along? ;o)

I just went to the link. It's still free.

Ya, I just downloaded it is still free however for third document you need to pay fee.

Thank you for posting this. I was inspired by this great article of yours.

nice information man. i like this type of website and blog. keep updating. thank you

So does anyone have a copy of this or know of a similar contract to be had for free (or at least a more affordable for a freelancer price)?

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