WAMP and Skype Conflict

I have just discovered a conflict between Skype and WampServer that I thought I would share. They both use port 80 which causes the conflict. If you run Skype before running Wamp, then Apache will not run. If you go to a site on localhost, you will probably get a blank screen.

The solution is pretty simple. Just make sure you start all services on WAMP before you open Skype. If Skype is disconnected it will work fine. You can then connect Skype once Wamp is running.

This is a known conflict and has been reported here:


I also encountered this problem a while back...

A much better solution than starting WAMP before Skype is to follow the advice on the URL you posted:

In skype if you click "tools " then "options" and connection down the left, untick the box "use port 80 and 443 as alternative incomming ports"

That worked for me about 6 months ago, and haven't looked back since :)

Thanks for sharing ...

You rock dude :-)

Thank you! I prefer this solution

Thanks for this solution ant thanks for sharing! Very simple, but sometimes we don't see the tree because we are in the forest! :-) THX

Worked like a charm :)

Thank you.

worked great at mar 2013... bless

I can confirm that Hobbsys suggestion works like a charm.

thank u..u solved my prob.. =)

Wow.. Trick worked for me..


Got fed up with this and did a google search for a fix and presto your site came up in the search. The fix works like a charm.

Nice one. Thanks.


Yeh I unticked it, and put 443 in the box above, then wamp works when skype is run first, gr8.

Yes I unticked it, then wamp works when skype is run first, great

I am currently expriencing the WAMP problem. After downloading WAMP, Appache could not run. When I typed "http://localhost", I got a blank page. I have been trying to solve this problem for the past 4 months. It is a relief to read the above comments. I am going to try the recommendations above and see if it works.

Thanks man. This does the trick for localhost being broken with XAMPP too!

thanks working fine...

Hi Hobbsy

Thanks for the idea man. It really work for me...


Thanks for sharing information, I knew from other source about this conflict, but I was looking for solution to this, one of my friend said, if we change skypes port no. then also it can be solved, but your solution is simplest one.. first start wamp and then start skype.. wow.. it worked. thanks man

Worked. this issue was bugging me, thanks for sharing

Works like a charm, thanks befused!


thanks for the info, changing the ports on Skype worked.


Hoho, finally I can solve this problem!! :D

Thanks a lot!

Skype Tools->Options->Advanced->Connection->UNCHECK "use port 80 and 443 as alternative incomming ports".
Works for our hosting.

Worked like a champ... almost. If I start WAMP first, then Skype reports an I/O error and won't start. But if I remember to start Skype first (which I typically do anyway) it all works.

Thanks for the tip!

The Best...
Easy and fast. It works!!
Thank you so much.

do you need skype to run wamp

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No, not at all. This post is if you want to run both, but you certainly don't need to.

Resolved by changing the port in httpd.conf wamp in two specific lines:
80 Listen, I put Listen 8080
ServerName localhost: 80, put ServerName localhost: 8080
thank you

ohhhhhh finally I can solve this problem thank you.. :)

Archit Shah

Thanks, it worked!!! you rock!!

yes my problem was resolved...thanks man your the one

its working perfectly......... thanks for this information

Thanks, this is really helpful.

Thanks you help me alot

hey its really works and thanks....


hippp hippp hurray.... rocked out .... i call it an invention coz not even my project manager knew to solve it dude

Hi - I can't believe that this is still a problem, but I can confirm that the problem is still there and the solution still works as of WAMP v2.4. I would have thought the WAMP team would have fixed this by now.

Thanks Blair!

Thanks my friend! ... Following your instructions I just changed the port to use to 443. So the port 80 is totally free for Wamp.


It's helped...

Simple and cool......

thanks now its in working condition

The Best...
Easy and fast. It works!!

Good solution! it works for me

Thank you for sharing, helped me banstante.

I agree with you, Blair. It really is a good solution.

Great posts, thanks for sharing !!

Very good article!

I recommend!


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