New site structure - thinking out load

There are two essential things that I need to do to Be Fused. One is a complete redesign, because I really dislike the current theme. The second is to change the navigation and category structure.

I have been thinking off and on for some time about the best way to categorise the content. I am not happy with the way it works currently, but I don't seem totally happy with the alternatives.

The Current Setup

I have the following content types:

  • Blog post
  • Snippet
  • Link
  • Quote
  • Video

I will most probably retain the content types as is as that works quite well.

I have the following top level categories (taxonomies in Drupal speak):

  • Drupal
  • Web Development
  • Web Marketing
  • Random Thoughts

Each top level category has a bunch of tags, which is always growing. Because each top level category is a separate drupal taxonomy, each has its own separate set of tags.

Option 1: Category & Tags

The first option is to have two taxonomies - category and tags. Categories can be Drupal, web development, web marketing etc and tags can be PHP, Drupal Modules, CSS etc etc. This is similar to how it works currently as far as the end user is concerned. The main change will be in the back end and will hopefully make it more manageable with one group of tags, rather than one set of tags per taxonomy.

Option 2: Status Quo with extra top level cats

The second option is to keep it as is but to rearrange and expand the top level categories (taxonomies). This could be: Drupal, Coding, Design, Marketing, Apps and Random Thoughts. Again, each would have its own set of tags.

Option 3: Just have tags

The third option is to keep it simple (stupid) and just have one taxonomy - tags. So everything would be a tag. That makes it totally flexible. The main tags can be added to the main navigation bar.

At this stage I am favouring option one as it seems to offer the best trade off of structure and flexibility. It will be a bit of pain to move all of the different sets of tags into one tag group and all taxonomies into one main category, but probably not mission impossible.



Great blog and I found a few answers to questions here that I couldn't find elsewhere.

I too like the content types of snippet, link etc.

Personally I would go with option 1 (two taxonomies with tags being freetagged).

If you are looking to do some theming and you prefer more of a constructive form of editing rather than the ZEN approach that I find hard to get on with I would recommend the clean theme as a starting point.

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