Keyword focused domain names

A common debate with any budding e-entrepreneur is the domain name. You probably want it to sound cool and memorable. But at the same time, you probably want as much traffic from the major search engines as possible. Most people choose the coolest sounding name available. But the wise person may elect to choose a keyword focused name instead.

There is much debate over the value of a keyword in the domain name. It is widely accepted that the domain name has some, but limited, weighting in the search engine algorithms.

But the real power of the keyword focused domain name comes from the anchor text of inbound links. The anchor text is the clickable part of a link. If another website is linking to you, they are likely to use your website/domain name as the anchor text. The relevancy of the anchor text to the keyword that the user is searching for is of paramount importance to search engines like Google.

By way of an example, Joe Blogs has a mortgage website called "". 100 other websites have linked to with the anchor text "Mortgages". Fred Dagg has a mortgage website called "". 200 other websites have linked to his site with the anchor text "Fred Dagg". Hilary Mango is looking for a mortgage and enters "mortgages" into Google. Google is likley to rank Joe's site above Fred's because of the relevancy of the inbound links to the keyword that Hilary is searching for, even though Fred's site has more inbound links.

Of course, getting good keyword focused domain names is a near impossible task. It may, however, be possible to get longer key phrase names. In the example above, a common variation on "mortgages" could be "cheap mortgages", or "London mortgages".

While this strategy is a desirable one for search engine traffic, you must balance this against having a brandable and memorable name.