Starting Drupal 8 Module Development

Controllers, Routes, Form classes, Symfony Components, the death of hooks? Wow, so many changes! Where do I start?!

Drupal 8 is well and truly here and the learning curve has gone from steep to almost vertical. How are you going to learn it without becoming overwhelmed with all the new ways? But not learning it is not an option as you need to stay relevant in todays market. Your job depends on it. How are you even going to get started?

Wouldn’t the learning curve seem less scary if you knew exactly how to start?

Rather than struggling on your own, imagine if you could be guided through the easiest possible way to start writing your first module in just 20 minutes per day. What if controllers, routes and form classes actually made sense in the context of your very own working module?

Learn the first steps in starting your new Drupal module

You’ll learn how to use the new and awesome Drupal Console to auto generate module code quickly with just a few commands. You'll learn what the generated code is actually doing - all the classes, routes and controllers will no longer be alien concepts. You’ll get your feet wet in the new world of Drupal 8 module development and get over the hardest hurdle of all - getting started without being overwhelmed.


A huge thank you to David Flores, Jesús Manuel Olivas, Eduardo Garcia and Omar Aguirre and all of the other contributors to the Drupal Console for making all of our lives easier. And not forgetting the thousands of people who have invested countless hours in creating Drupal 8 - thank you to you too.

Your Guide, Blair Wadman

Blair Wadman

I been developing custom functionality with Drupal to a high level for over 9 years for leading clients including NBC Universal, Bauer, Haymarket Media and Dennis Publishing. When I was first learning module development, it was hard to know where to start and it has been my mission ever since to make it easier for others.

I have written a book, Master Drupal 7 Module Development and am writing a second on Drupal 8 development, to help people scale the learning curve without the struggle.