Pricing for long-term clients

I focus on working with clients for the long-term, with regular improvements using monthly sprints. The emphasis is on being agile, and working towards your business goals. This will help you to leverage Drupal for the needs of your business with consistent monthly progress.

There are three levels of service available: pay as you go, priority support and partnership. I’m happy to tailor one of these packages to your specific needs.

The priority support and partnership packages allow you to plan your budget, and ensures that I have the time available to you when you need it.

Pay as you go

Ad hoc consulting and development, pay for what you need

£100 per hour

£650 per day

£3000 for a 1 week sprint

Charged in advance. Any unused time can be used in the future

Priority support

If you need support, strategy advice and smaller system tweaks

£350 per month

4 hours of priority support and maintenance

Additional days or week sprint at a 5% discount


If you need ongoing active development and improvements

£2000 per month

25 hours of priority support, maintenance and custom development

Security updates included

Project planning and management system

Monthly strategy and planning call

Additional days or week sprint at a 15% discount

How I can help you

Each client is different, so together we’ll design the enagement around your needs. Here is a flavour of the sort of things that we can do together.

  • develop custom Drupal modules that make Drupal fit your business processes
  • integrate Drupal with CRM systems (like Salesforce) and marketing automation systems (like Pardot, Drip and ConvertKit)
  • build robust membership and e-learning system that delivers a bespoke member experience
  • helping you sleep at night by taking care of the essentials, such as security updates, backups, monitoring errors and fixing bugs
  • supporting your email marketing efforts
  • up level the user experience through personalisation to provide targetted call to actions and content
  • improving conversion rates so you get more sign ups and sales
  • save staff time by automating processes

How it works: Partnership plan

The work we do in the partnership plan is categorised into three types:

Planned projects: We’ll collaborate closely to build a list of potential projects that are prioritised by their business impact. Each month we’ll have a kick off call to confirm the projects for that month. The size of the monthly project will depend on your budget and the monthly fee, and is capped at a certain number of development days.

If you have a bigger project that goes beyond the usual time allowance, then we’ll normally run it in weekly sprints. You’ll get a 15% discount off the standard sprint rate.

Support and strategic advice: I’ll also be available for any questions you have, and help you make strategic decisions.

Regular ongoing essentials: I’ll take care of the essential security updates, maintenance, error monitoring, allowing you to focus on your business without any worries. I’ll give you regular updates, so you can feel confident that your website is being taken care of.

How it works: Priority support plan

With the priority support plan, when you need support, or a small tweak, send an email to the priority support email address.

If you need a bigger change, then we’ll treat it as a project. You’ll get a 5% discount on standard rates (assuming the project goes over the 4 hours of support).

How it works: Pay as you go plan

With pay as you go, when you need support, or a small tweak, send an email to my standard email address. It will be chargable at either the hourly or day rate.

For a project, or collection of changes, the week sprint rate will normally apply. We’ll plan what is included in the sprint before it starts. I’ll send you a summary of the changes at the end of the sprint, and where appropriate, give you a demo.


What happens if I go over the monthly allowance?

We’ll avoid this as much as possible by priortising in the monthly strategy and planning call. However, if it is likely that more time is needed, I’ll email you first to let you know. You can then decide if you want to purchase the additional days, or push some of the work into the next month. Note - I’m pretty flexible with this. If it is going over by a few hours, I’ll just do it with no extra charge (on the partnership plan).

Can you help me with my email automation system as well?

In most cases, yes. I’m well versed in email automation, and have experience with many systems including Pardot, Drip, ConvertKit and Campaign Monitor. I can also help you integrate it better with your website and personalise the experience subscribers get on your website.