Improve your existing Drupal site

Your Drupal website and your content are an asset to your business. It needs to be nurtured and improved in order to help your business grow.

Improving and optimising a Drupal website can take many forms from tweaks that improve conversion rates to full redesigns and new features. You may have a list of improvements you’d like to make to your Drupal site already that can be used as a starting point (it is perfectly fine if you don’t!).

Before starting on the process of improving, it is important to plan ahead. I offer a Roadmapping service, called the Drupal Improvement Roadmap as a way to help you understand the direction we should go in, how long it will take, any risks we could face along the way and the budget required. The result is a prioritised and actionable plan to get your site and business from where you are today to where you need to be.

Once the roadmap is complete, we can implement the improvements with an Agile Drupal Development process.

Drupal Improvement Roadmap

1. Strategy workshop

We start off with a detailed discussion about you, your business, your customers and business model. We will discuss any problems you are having with your Drupal site and collaborate on areas of improvement. We will pay particular attention to improvements that can improve business revenue or reduce time and costs.

2. Health check of your existing site

With an understanding of your business, objectives and high level improvements, we will review your Drupal site to establish a baseline. This will include a technical audit where we will be looking for any security implications, technical SEO issues and adherence to best practice.

3. Roadmap

We tie together what we have learned from the strategy workshop and health check. We will draw up the roadmap to get you from where you are today to where you want to be (your objective). You will come away with a detailed, actionable and prioritised plan.

Improve your site with with Agile Drupal Development

We implement the Drupal Improvement Roadmap in an iterative Agile development process. Each iteration lasts for one week. The entire roadmap would be implemented as one project, or split in multiple phases over the coming months.

If you'd like to get started with improving your Drupal site, get in touch.

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Looking for something smaller?

If you would like something smaller:

Small Drupal Improvements

If you have a small focused improvement or change that doesn’t warrant a full Drupal Improvement Roadmap.

Drupal Healthcheck

Suitable if you have had your Drupal site built by other developers and need to know what state it is in. We will conduct a full technical review, including a technical audit where we will be looking for any security implications, technical SEO issues and adherence to best practice. We will also investigate changes that will have a real impact on your business (such as conversion rate and SEO improvements). You receive an prioritised actionable report on changes you can make.