About Blair

With a long history of web development and technical leadership, I combine automation and membership growth strategies with the technical know-how.

I have 20 years commercial experience in the web industry, working with a range of national and global companies, such as Times Higher Education, The Economist, Haymarket and NBC. I’ve also worked with many small and medium size companies.

This wide breadth of experience gives me a lot of draw on while creating solutions to my clients problems. Here’s a summary of my experience:

  • Led development teams to the successful launch of new high profile websites for Times Higher Education, Haymarket MediaThe Careers and Enterprise CompanyH Bauer Publishing
  • Architected solutions for leading membership organisations such a The Marketing Society
  • Built integrations between applications such as ConvertKit, Memberstack, Circle, Squarespace, Pardot, Salesforce, Acoustic, Wordpress and Drupal
  • Funnel & automation strategy to help companies leverage ConvertKit & Pardot to build their audience, and nurture and convert leads
  • Training of developers and editors in leveraging Drupal
  • Author of two books teaching developers

See here for a full breakdown of my experience.