Yipee, I've held my PageRank!

Google has released another PageRank update and bloggers all over the world are complaining of a drop in PageRank. Even ProBlogger has had a drop to a PageRank of 4. Luckily my little blog has maintained its PageRank of 4. Alright, 4 is not fantastic, but its not bad either.

Why has befused.com not dropped?

The truth is, only Google knows why websites/blogs rise and fall in the wonderful world of PageRank. But here are some reasons as to why I think my PageRank has stayed at 4:

  • I don't sell links
  • I don't do planned reciprocal linking
  • I don't actively try and get artificial inbound links
  • I link to other websites often. The majority of my posts have a link to another website or blog. This is the natural way of the web and something that I strongly encourage.

So essentially, I ignore the advice of many "SEO experts" and try and be as natural as possible. I never do anything that can be seen as manipulating Google.

Does it matter?

A PageRank is no where near as relevant as it used to be. Some people say that it should be ignored totally.

The PageRank is just an indication of what Google thinks of a website and it does not necessarily effect the traffic levels. However, I do believe that it should be a consideration because it does indicate how much Google trusts your website or blog. The BBC is highly trusted and has a PageRank of 9. It does very well in search results because it is a trusted source. The PageRank of 9 is a strong indication of that trust.

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