SEO is getting easier

SEO is getting easier. I know your probably thinking that I have lost my marbles. How can anyone say that SEO is getting easier with the ever increasing number of web pages available to the search engines? Because the major search engines are getting better at getting rid of the bad pages, spammers and anyone who has previously ranked using dodgy or even slightly dodgy methods.

So there is more room for web masters who actually produce quality, unique content with users in mind. Gone are the days where the majority of web masters can manipulate the search engines. The day has arrived where the only thing that really matters is the quality of your site and its content.

What you should NOT do:

The follow is my list of things that I feel are a waste of time and may actually hurt you.

  • Buy inbound links
  • Sell outbound links
  • Engage in large scale reciprocal linking
  • Listing in every directory known to man
  • Make sites that just contain affiliate deals
  • Make the type of site that has already been done to death
  • Duplicate content. That includes duplicating content on your own site
  • Write pages with just a search engine in mind, trying to always maintain a perfect key word density

What you should do:

Now that we have saved time by not doing things that are pointless, we have more time to do the following:

  • Make a unique website with unique content
  • Write content with your users as the primary concern
  • Engage with your users on your site
  • Engage with the community that surrounds your niche. Every niche has an online community, even if it is not obvious
  • Build sites with sound SEO principles in mind. But never try and manipulate search engines, because they will catch up with you

For me, spending more time optimising my websites and content for my users and less time worrying about SEO was the best SEO move I ever made.


no they are not, the serps are less accurate than ever...

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