Boo hoo, I've lost my PageRank!

I expressed my delight for holding my PageRank at 4 last week and reasons why I felt it was holding steady. Well, now I have PageRank egg on my face! Google has now dropped my PageRank to 2!

Unlike other webmasters who declare that PageRank does not matter when theirs drops, I do care and it does matter. I am quite confused as to why they have dropped it because I have not done anything that breaks any of their guidelines.

Having said that, as per my post on SEO getting easier, I am not going to waste too much time trying to figure out why the PageRank has dropped, because I want to spend more time making this site and my other sites better.



The lack of links is the reason for the page rank drop. According to yahoo you only have 5 back links.

This blog post gives some excellent advice on how to build links:


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Hi Julian,

Thanks for your comment.

I have more then 5 backlinks! I have 176 if you use rather then

I have set as my preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tools, so that should be ok. Although I should set up a .htaccess redirect from the http://www to http:// just to be sure.

Thanks for the link. It does look interesting and I will read it in detail soon.

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