The Less is More Approach to Affiliate Marketing

John from has written an excellent article on eating an elephant. Yes, thats right, learning how to eat an elephant is an essential skill in the world of affiliate marketing. How do you eat an elephant? A little bit at a time. How do you succeed at affiliate marketing? A little bit at a time.

Elephants and affiliate marketing

I fully agree with Johns tips. I have been guilty of attacking affiliate marketing with an all guns blazing approach in the past. It was as if I was going for global domination. I had too many sites, too much content to write and too many inbound links to find. What was the result? I did everything badly and I was burning out. I have since decided to reduce the number of sites that I work on and have a few sites that I spend most of my time. I try and follow a pattern when working so that I always know what I am supposed to do. I hate having the feeling of "what should I do now".

The advice from John is simple. Do a little bit of SEO, PPC, content writing and networking each day. Do not over do it and do not burn yourself out. Little by little you will build your affiliate empire. Rome was not build in a day and neither was eating an elephant.


I can vouch for the burning yourself out part and I can not wait to learn more about this new approach .

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