Testing PHP Editors and IDEs

I have finally had enough of coding PHP in Dreamweaver and am on the hunt for a dedicated PHP editor or IDE (Intergrated Development Environment) to use instead. Dreamweaver is great for HTML and CSS, but does quite cut it for PHP. My objective is to improve productivity.

I have short listed possible editors/IDEs to the following:

  • Zend Studio - $299
  • PhpEd (Nusphere) - $295
  • PhpEdit - 89 Euros
  • PhpDesigner - 39 Euros
  • Rapid PHP $29.95
  • Eclipse - Free

Zend Studio and Eclipse seem to be the most comprehensive, but are also possibly over kill. Also, Eclipse is apparently to be a quite time consuming to configure. I want to improve productivity, not hinder it by using software that is to complex.

PhpEdit, PhpDesigner and Rapid PHP seem to offer the right balance of features and speed. I am testing Rapid PHP at the moment, and so far I am impressed. It is far superior to Dreamweaver for PHP coding and is actually very good for HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well. I will write a full review of Rapid PHP and other editors that I test in due course.