Testing Firefox Scribefire

I am currently testing the Scribefire Firefox Addon. It will allow you to add blog entries from Firefox.

Steps I have taken:

  1. Download Scribefire to your firefox
  2. Go to your Drupal site and modules. Turn on blog API (no need to download, its part of core)
  3. Go to configure -> blog API. Set the content types that you want to add content from Scribefire
  4. Go to Firefox and hit the Scribefire button on the bottom bar
  5. Got to the wizard to add your blog. Put in the website/blog address, the API address (http://domainname.com/xmlrpc.php) and username and password to logint to your blog/ Drupal site.
  6. You can now add a post. Select the content type on the right. Easy!

This is the first post, so lets see if it works! If you are reading this, then it does!