Count of duplicate values in MySQL table

A client is using the Drupal node title module and, as part of an SEO review, I want to see how many duplicate meta titles there are. The following is a simple MySQL statement that I ran to get the answer:

  1. SELECT DISTINCT(page_title) as title, count(page_title) AS count
  2. FROM page_title
  3. GROUP BY page_title
  4. HAVING count > 1

This will return a result like this:

title count
Buy a green widget 2
Buy a blue widget 3
About blue widgets 2

So in this case, the title "Buy a green widget" is used 2 times.

This is a good example of how to get a count of duplicate values for a MySQL table.


Thanks its helped alot :)

thank you..this is realy help full

really helpful for a guy like me.

Hi this is great i just start working with your code i just got one question what happen to the other records that are only one record they are not shown, is there a way to add them too to the report like
name, counts
edi 3
tomate 12
love 1
to have all the info because single records are not shown,

thank you

Its worked!! Thanks

Just wanted to say thanks, the first results on Google were so unnecessarily complicated and this is just what I needed!

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You're welcome Tim!


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