Fiji in battle with Microsoft

The military rulers in Fiji are very unhappy with Bill Gates and friends at Microsoft. Microsoft has allegedly named a new operating system, Window's Fiji.

Bill Gates will not return the phone called of Fiji Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Kaiyum. Sayed-Kaiyum has written to Gates in which he says "Fiji asserts its absolute ownership over the use of the world ‘Fiji’."

"This letter, therefore, serves to put Microsoft Corporation on notice that the Government unreservedly objects to the use of the world ‘Fiji’ in connection with Microsoft Corporation’s operating system or any of its products,"

"Microsoft … is hereby instructed to immediately cease and desist with any use of the world ‘Fiji’ in relation to any of its products now or in the future."

To be fair on Microsoft, they have told NZ media that the name Fiji is only used for internal company purposes. It is not the name of any actual product or brand.

Exactly what Fiji will do if Microsoft do not respond or change the name is unclear. Will they ban Microsoft from Fiji? I'm pretty sure Microsoft will not lose any sleep if they do that.

What thing is for sure though, if Microsoft was a country, its GDP would be almost four times higher then Fiji's. Perhaps the military rulers in Fiji should concentrate more on lifting their own GDP then worrying about Fiji being used as an internal name within Microsoft.


It's apparently also an abbreviation for "First Indigenous Jewish Immigrants"

Thats quite funny, I wonder what would my government do if he called it Microsoft Singapore..

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