Master Drupal 7 Module Development

You want to create custom Drupal 7 modules, but it makes your head explode and drives you crazy.

It is a beast that you want to tame, but all the Googling is not paying any dividends. You know the Drupal market is booming and want to get in on the action as quickly as possible. There is money to be made out there! But is all this pain worth it? Where do you start?

Wouldn't you rather have the guidance of an experienced hand?

Someone who has climbed the Drupal learning curve the hard way and gone on to deliver cutting edge solutions. With my help in Master Drupal 7 Module Development, you will be able to scale that learning curve without the struggle.

Before long, you will be creating your own custom modules quickly and painlessly.

You will understand the menu system, the Form API, Node API, how to implement hooks, use Features, write your own Drush commands and much more. All these API's and systems will no longer be an alien concept from another planet. You will have a foot in the door of the lucrative Drupal market.

This self-taught course is for people just like you. It will teach you the nuts and bolts of Drupal 7 module development in plain, easy-to-understand language, bloat free, without overloading you. It is full of examples and throughout the book, you will learn how to build real custom modules, and have the confidence to continue writing more. It is broken into 12 lessons and you can easily tackle one lesson per evening.

From happy customers:

"..the must have drupal developers book"

" good as, or better than, anything else I have seen."

"'s really impressive, reads and flows very well, easy to follow, professional, brilliant!!!"

Join me and let's tame the Drupal beast!

Hi, I am Blair Wadman, author of Master Drupal 7 Development and professional Drupal developer. My mission is to make it as easy as possible to learn Drupal development.

If Master Drupal Development doesn't help you learn module development, I will refund you in full.

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  • How Drupal returns a page request
    A walk through of the process how Drupal returns a page request.
  • Refactoring the Welcome module
    An alternative method for one the example modules from the book.
  • Drush Essentials for Developers (59 pages)
    Essential Drush commands you need to know for Drupal development.
  • Drush Cheatsheet

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Customers testimonials

Thanks so much for writing a book that is so accessible for a beginner, but not too slow paced or detailed (getting into code in lesson 1 is great). I'm a site builder with lots of Drupal configuration experience but very little php experience. Finding a good balance of PHP exposure and the fundamentals to Drupal module development is hard to find. Working my way through your book is proving to be very fun and challenging for me.

Corey Condardo

As a clear introduction for someone learning Drupal programming, but who may not yet be a professional programmer, this is as good as, or better than, anything else I have seen. The constant explanations, and the practice provided by the examples, ensure that the reader who does his or her homework will have a solid understanding of things which would otherwise be only half understood. Reading the Drupal API website is important but is an adjunct, and not a substitute for the helpful guidance given in this book. This is not based on a review copy: I bought the book for the normal price, worked through it line by line, and found amply rewarded the money and the time I spent on it. It leaves the reader who starts with a little PHP feeling far more confident about tackling programming jobs in Drupal.

John (London)

I'm really impressed with this book, it reads extremely easily and you can reference it simply. It's a great book to get you started with Drupal development.

Having read some books trying to teach similar levels, few match up to its readability and simplicity to follow.

The technical knowledge is clearly outstanding and this shows in the examples you follow through in the book. I hope that the author continues to write at higher levels to follow it up.

If you're looking to serously get into a career with Drupal this will get you on the right path, I challenge anyone to not understand module development after reading it.

Mat Searle

Just spent some time reading today, and hats off, it's really impressive, reads and flows very well, easy to follow, professional, brilliant!!! I hope you sell loads !!!

Bryan Nienaber

Being honestly, you've come up with excellent idea by using the one of truly brilliant approaches to teach as well as explain the Drupal mod-development fundamentals.

Ghenadie Iepuri

Your Guide, Blair Wadman

Blair Wadman

I am a professional Drupal developer who has worked with some of the world's leading brands, such as NBC Universal, Bauer Publishing, Dennis Publishing and Haymarket Media Group, helping them leverage the power of Drupal. I have been developing with Drupal for over 7 years.

Blair Wadman

People have said

Quite simply, Blair is one of the best Drupal developers I have ever worked with.

Terry Fido, IT Director, SouthWest Software Ltd

Blair is one of the few top-notch Drupal/PHP developers that I have came across in my professional career and I was quite lucky to work with him twice on projects for some well known brand names.

Sankatha Bamunuge, Senior Software Consultant, Drupologic Limited

Blair is a highly experienced drupal developer who really understands how to apply technical skills to commercial advantage. He's also a great guy and is able to communicate complex solutions in simple language.

Julia Toni, Marketing Director, H Bauer Publishing

I can honestly say that Blair is one of the best Drupal developers I know and has extensive knowledge of the API and best practices to use when developing in Drupal.

Mat Searle, Team Lead, NBC Universal

Lesson One

Introduction to Core Concepts

An overview of critical Drupal concepts like Nodes, Blocks, Comments, Entities, Fields, Bundles, Hooks, Menu System, Forms API and Drush

Lesson Two

First Module

Get started by building your first module. You will learn how to structure module, display a string on a custom page and display a node on a custom page.

Learn: structure modules, implement a basic hook, define custom paths.

Lesson Three

Extend First Module

Implement access control, alter an existing form, show a message when users login, programmatically create a block

Learn: access control, form alters, blocks, hooks

Lesson Four

Todotoday Feature Module

Build a todo list. You will start off by building the functionality without writing any code. You will then turn it into a module using Features.

Learn: Exporting configuration with Features into a module

Lesson Five

Extend Todotoday Feature Module

You will add some custom code to display data on a custom path, add a View, a block and recreate the Feature code.

Learn: Recreating Features, extending Features with custom code.

Lesson Six

Welcome Module

You will create a module that displays a configurable message to users when they log in. You will learn about the Token system, admin forms, pre-populate forms, storing persistent data in the Variables table and more about the Form API.

Learn: Creating admin forms, Form API, Drupal Variables, creating Tokens

Lesson Seven

Extend Welcome Module

Allow editors to set and configure a welcome message per role. You will learn how to set up custom database tables using the Schema API, use the Drupal query builder, save submitted data to the custom table and how to architect larger modules.

Learn: Schema API, query builder

Lesson Eight

Further Extend Welcome Module

Allow editors to order the welcome message by implementing drag and drop fields. Allow other modules to add to the welcome message by invoking your very own hook.

Learn: Drag and drop, invoking hooks, theme functions

Lesson Nine

Latest News Feature

Create a latest news module and add a base template and CSS file to the module.

Learn: Theming a module

Lesson Ten

Extend Latest News Feature

Populate the test site with dummy content using Drush. View latest news on the command line by defining your very own Drush command.

Learn: Drush, Devel Generate, defining your own Drush commands

Lesson Eleven

Security Best Practice

Gain an understanding of the main security concerns and how they relate to Drupal

Learn: Understand and avoid: SQL Injection, Cross-site Request Forgeries (CSRF), Cross-site scripting (XSS), incorrect use of Form API. Learn to be secure with Text formats, Filtering functions, Access control, Security configuration outside Drupal etc.

Lesson Twelve

Security Audit

Practical experience working through and fixing an insecure Drupal module.

Learn: Understand and avoid: unsanitised user data, SQL Injection, unsanitised form data, Cross-site Request Forgery, Node access

With the complete package, you will also get:

How Drupal returns a page request

A guide walking through the process how Drupal returns a page request to the browser.

Welcome module refactoring

In lessons 5 to 7, you will learn how to develop a module called Welcome. This guide is an alternative method for developing part of that module.

Drush Essentials

Drush is an essential part of the Drupal developers toolkit. The Drush Essentials guides will teach you the essential commands you need to know.

If would like to see a breakdown of each lesson, have a look at the table of contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the code open source?

Yes. Throughout the book you are taught how to create real working modules. Those modules have been contributed back to the community and are available on

What if I don't like it?

I offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. If you really don't like it, just drop me a line and I'll give you a refund.

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