Improve business returns with email marketing automation

Marketing Automation & Personalisation is one of the best ways to increase returns for your business through streamling processes, improving email engagement and increasing conversions.

Each week I’ll be sharing a new strategy or tactic on how you can use marketing automation, personalisation and other forms of business automation, to grow your business and save you time.

Blair Wadman

Learn how to get sustainable growth in leads & sales from your website without spending a small fortune generating even more traffic. A new strategy every week

Julia Toni - Marketing Director at H Bauer Publishing:

Blair is a highly experienced developer who really understands how to apply technical skills to commercial advantage. He's also a great guy and is able to communicate complex solutions in simple language.

Tim Wolfenden - Strategy Manager at uSwitch:

Blair was fantastic to work with. Extremely goal orientated, and would always deliver first class results. His commercial skills are strong, and his eye for detail on product development is extremely useful in a fast paced online environment. Blair is also great fun to work with.

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