MAMP (Mac Apache MySQL PHP) is relatively easy to set up, but there are a few things that I had to change. Here are my notes on the changes I made.


If you want to use MySQLi you need to set PHP to use version 5.3.2. To change the PHP version go to Preferences and then PHP.

Default MySQL username and password

Use the default MySQL username and password as follows:

username: root password: root

Error reporting

Go to applications/mamp/conf/php5.3 Open php.ini

Find: display_errors = Off

Change to: display_errors = On

Ensure that the following is not commented out: error_reporting = E_ALL

Home page

Remove the start page URL in Preferences. This will ensure that when you start MAMP, it will open the document root rather than the supplied MAMP page. I find this makes it easier to navigate to my projects in the browser.

Document root

By default the document root is MAMP/htdocs. This means that if you want to serve web pages locally using MAMP, they must be placed in this folder. However, I decided to keep my project’s code in the Netbeans project folder. So I changed the document root to /Users/blair/NetBeansProjects. This can be found by going to Preferences and then the Apache tab.