Design Bit - A Unqiue Blog Design

The trouble with most blogs is that visually they all look very similar. This is particularly true for Wordpress blogs where a lot of people tend to use the same templates. Because Wordpress is such a popular platform, you get a lot of sites looking almost identical. But occasionally I find blogs that are truly unique. Design Bit is one such blog.

Using strong colours and images, Design Bit has an immediate impact. Using blacks and greys gives it that feel of style and power. A splash of pink lightens the mood and adds a bit of cheeriness. I particularly like the use of the 3D boxes on the top left hand corner and bottom right. This appears to be set using as a background image using CSS so that the boxes are fixed on the screen even when the users scrolls up and down. Some people may find that annoying, but that is the risk you take when you are trying to be bold and different.

And to top if all off, Design Bit has some very good quality content. So when I am finished marvelling at its beauty, I can actually read something useful!

Design Bit
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Note: As usual, Design Bit is in no way affiliated with this site or myself. This is NOT a paid review and is my honest, impartial opinion.