Google to become the UK's biggest advertising company

Google is set to pass ITV to become the biggest advertiser in the UK. Revenue and profits soar.

As recessionary fear and paranoia grips businesses in the USA and UK, Google does what Google does best, defies the market and paves its own way. Revenue has soared 42% in the first 3 months of this year from $3.66bn to $5.19bn. Profit has risen to $1.31 million, which is 30% higher than the first quarter of 2007.

Earnings from outside the USA

For the first time, Google's earnings from outside the USA outstripped its earnings from its home market. Revenue from outside of the USA is now 51% of total revenue.

In the UK, Google's revenue has risen to $803 million and accounts for 15% of its total global revenue.

The monopoly will continue

In the UK at least, Google has a virtual monopoly with a market share of search of around 90%. Even with talks of Microsoft and News Crop trying to buy Yahoo, Google's dominance is not going to go away any time soon. Google has become a growing money making machine that has perfected the art of over performing and defying market expectations.

Be inspired

Whether you love or hate Google and its dominance, we can all take inspiration from what it is achieving. As the world slides into recession, Google says "No, sod you all, we are going to make more and more money". It is proof that money can be made from the Internet even in a recession. People will still search after all. It is also testament to Google's customer centric attitude. It cares little for the businesses that give it money. Its focus always has been on the end user. Keep the end user happy, and the money will flow in.