Open source will take over IT

A report on ZDNet has suggested that Open source will take over from mainstream IT within the next 12 years. It also predicted that 40% of IT jobs will come from the open source sector.

There is little doubt that open source is making serious headway at the moment. This is especially true when it comes to the web. Apache is the web server of choice, MySQL is the biggest database for websites and open source languages such as PHP are nothing short of huge. Firefox now has 20% market share and rising all the time. Open source content management systems and frameworks such as Drupal are exploding in popularity. How many proprietary vendors can compete with the power, flexibility and talented community that such open source projects possess? Not many, if any.

Of course, there are still areas where open source is lagging. As good as Open Office is, for example, it is still a long way from making a dent in Microsoft Office. But as open source communities expand, software will improve in these areas like it has with the web. And as jobs in open source increase, more talented developers will come over and join the open source ranks. And the best way to make yourself known and gain valuable income in the open source community is to contribute back. This in turn leads to better products and the upward spiral continues.

So onwards and upwards for open source. The future is bright!