Recommended forums

Forums are an invaluable resource for any web developer, marketer, publisher or entrepreneur. They are the source of endless amount of information and lessons learnt from seasoned pros. A great forum has a real sense of community and a place where people are there to help each other out.

I am a self confessed forum freak. In other words, I spend way too much time participating in forums. But it is all good fun and I don’t know where I’d be without them. Here are some of the best that I use:

Affiliates4u Forum

Affiliates4u Forum is the UK's biggest and best affiliate marketing forum. It is the place to go if you want to discuss anything to do with affiliate marketing, whether you are an affiliate yourself, a merchant, or just someone who wants to learn. There is an American equivalent as well.

Visit the UK version of Affiliates4U Forum
Visit the US version of Affiliates4U Forum

Wicked Fire

Another affiliate marketing forum. This one is huge in the US and has a rapidly growing and loyal user base. Well worth visiting.

Visit Wicked Fire


The forum on Sitepoint is fantastic for web design and development. It is full of knowledgeable people willing to help you out when your “while loop” has gone to the wall. Yes, I have been there plenty! Sitepoint is one of the most popular websites on the net. If you get bored with the forum, there is plenty of other interesting stuff to read.

Visit the Sitepoint forum

Web Workshop

The Web Workshop forum is dedicated to SEO. A friendly place to visit, with plenty of regulars.

Visit Web Workshop

Digital Point

One of the most popular forums on the net. You can chat about SEO, PPC, Web Design and Development or general business issues.

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