My 5 favourite Firefox Add-ons

One of the best things about Firefox is the vast array of add-ons/extensions/plug-ins to make your life easier. Some are absolute life savers, while some are time wasters. Here are my top 5 Firefox add-ons of all time: Bookmarks

Where would we be without It is simply the best way to save and organise your favourite websites. This add-on allows you to integrate into Firefox and tag useful websites/pages with one click.

RankQuest SEO Toolbar

The RankQuest SEO Toolbar makes SEO analysis a whole lot easier. View a sites PageRank, validate HTML and links, analyse keyword density, meta tags and link popularity and a whole lot more.

Fire FTP

There is no need to open a separate FTP client with this beauty. You can FTP files right in the browser.


Firebug allows you to view HTML, CSS and Javascript code in the same browser window as the webpage. You can use this to analyse the code of any website you fancy. This is a brilliant way to learn more about how to put sites together and to learn best practices.


Have you ever wonder exactly what shade of pink the web designer used? Rather than searching through the HTML and CSS files, you can simply hover over it with ColorZilla and the RGB and Hex code can be seen on the bottom of the browser window. Saves a lot of time, trust me!


Can i use this in my Google Chrome Browser

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