Go beyond Evernote tags and notebooks - link related notes together

Evernote tagging is great, but sometimes you need to organise your notes beyond tagging and notebooks. You might want to enforce a structure that tagging and notebooks don't provide. This can be achieved by linking notes or creating a table of contents for some of your selected notes. This allows you to reference related notes easily.

Reasons to link notes

Frequent access: You might have a few notes that you need to access often. You could create one note called "Daily" and put it in your shortcuts so you can get to it easily. In that note, you could have links to other notes that you want to access each day.

Meetings: If you have a meeting scheduled, you can create a note for the meeting. You probably have several things to talk about and if you have a note for each one, you can link to them from your meeting note.

Todos: You could have a note that contains a todo list. There could be useful information in other notes that relate to items on the list. Easy, link to them from each todo item.

Writing: Do you draft blog posts in Evernote? Set a scheduling note to keep track of all of the various posts that you have yet to publish and link to each one from that note.

Meals: Plan out your week's meals on a note and link to recipes that are in other notes.

Table of contents for a notebook: For each notebook, you could create a master note which contains a table of contents for all notes in that notebook and organise them in the order you want.

I could go on with more reasons why you might want to link notes, but you get the idea.

Notes that reference other notes by linking

The first option is to copy links from notes and paste them into your main note. Your main note could be your meeting note, scheduling note, todo note or daily note.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create your main note
  2. Make it so you can get to that note easily (you are about to open a different note)
    • Drag it to the shortcuts, or
    • Ensure Recent Notes in your sidebar (if not, select it in View -> Sidebar Options), or
    • Double click it to open it in a new window
  3. Go to the first note you want to reference
  4. Copy the link to the node:
    • If viewing the note, Note -> Copy Note Link
    • If viewing a list of notes, select the note you want, right click and select Copy Note link

      Copy note link in Evernote

  5. Go back to the main note and paste the link
  6. Repeat for another other note you want to reference.

Your note with links to other notes will look something like this:
Evernote note with links

Create a table of contents

The second option is to create a table of contents. Luckily, Evernote now has a table of contents feature. It can create a note that contains a table of contents of other notes that you have selected.

In list view, do the following:

  1. Select the notes you want in the table of contents
  2. A box will appear with your selection. Click "Create Table of Contents Note" Create table of contents in Evernote

Your table of contents note will be created and look like this:
Note with table of contents in Evernote

Wrapping up

As you can see, it is very easy to create links to notes using either of the two options. It adds another dimension to organising your notes and will allow you to create more structure and access related notes with greater ease.