Why do people switch from Drupal to Wordpress?

I was always of the opinion that when people who use Wordpress discover Drupal, they eventually switch to Drupal. This is because I feel that Drupal is far more powerful and flexible than Wordpress.

However, I have noticed that a small trends seems to be beginning with people switching from Drupal to Wordpress.

Some of the reasons that people switch from Drupal to Wordpress

  • A big Drupal site requires a lot of CPU power
  • Drupal can be very confusing to set up for newbies. In comparison, Wordpress ir very straight forward.
  • Wordpress has a lot more free themes available. This may be because Drupal is more of a platform and set-ups can vary wildly, so it is very difficult to set up a theme that will fit all types of sites.
  • It can be hard to get help in the Drupal forums. Drupal has a lot of very talented, hardcore coders. But they are more interested in communicating with other hard core coders then helping newbies.
  • The Wordpress category system is a lot simpler then Drupal's taxonomy.

Why Drupal still rocks

  • Drupal is more powerful. It can do more.
  • Drupal is a truly modular framework. You can extent a Drupal site is almost any direction. The same can not be said for Wordpress
  • Drupal can be used a single platform to run multiple types of applications, like forums, ecommerce/shopping, social networking, content management etc etc
  • Drupal has superb built in multi-user capabilities with advance permissions. That makes it perfect for sites with multiple authors, like news websites, or social media sites.

I love both Wordpress and Drupal. They both provide a lot of the open source world and are both very different. My general thoughts are that Wordpress is good for smaller sites and blogs and Drupal is good for bigger sites that requires more functionality.


well maybe back to 2008 you were right but now I feel the only reason to use Drupal is: you have very complex site which wp cannot do, otherwise there is no need. you'll say security? well it's mostly for complex website and anyway i think it can be solved with wp

Wordpress is really a good plataform.. I´m using in more default site and the performance is better and have a lot of plugins..

be carefull with the plugins. Some of them have security problems

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