Drupal Training Online

In addition to in-person Drupal training, I also offer online training for small teams (and also individuals). This allows you (or your team) to benefit from one-to-one training without the need for travel. You can also benefit from ongoing guidance, training and advice for your real world projects.

This is a structured project based learning path with plenty of practical hands on exercises to cement your understanding. It is designed for your team to be able to continue with project work while completing the training and getting ongoing guidance.

The Approach

We’ll start off with a focused sessions (provided online) to get your team up to speed as fast as possible. The training sessions are practical and interactive.

After the focused sessions, your team will then get ongoing guidance, advice and mentoring over email, Slack and video calls. This includes giving guidance and direction on your ongoing projects. Your team members will learn Drupal deeply while continuing to be productive.

Get in touch and we can discuss the details.

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