Drupal Training London

Greetings fellow Londoner!

We offer a range of Drupal training packages in the London, UK, area for the following groups:

The training sessions are practical and hands on and can be conducted in your offices (or mine if you are short of space).

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Can you deliver the training at our offices? Absolutely, I’ll travel to your offices so your staff don’t have to travel.

Are you based in London? Yes, I am based in South West London

Does this include surrounding London areas? Absolutely. I’m happy to travel to surrounding areas.

What about the rest of the UK? In most cases, I’ll be able to travel to you to deliver the training. Get in touch as we can discuss options.

How many people can be in each training session? Smaller groups work best, typically from 1 to 8 people.

I’m not a company, can I get individual training? Yes. There is a minimum price per day of training. If you have sufficient budget for that, then you can absolutely get individual training. As a guide, the 2 day intro to Drupal development is £1600 for individuals.

In order to make the training affordable, I also offer training to small groups of individuals. If you fill in this form, I’ll let you know as soon as there is enough for a small group (2 to 8) and will then schedule the training. As a guide, the 2 day intro to Drupal development is £800 for each participant.

I’m not in the UK, can I get training? Yes, I offer a couple of options for individuals and businesses outside of London. It’s best to get in touch and I’ll go through them.

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