Drupal Content Management Training

Are you running a larger site with many editors and content creators? Do you or the development team waste time dealing with requests for updates from editors? What if they had the knowledge and confidence to update the Drupal site themselves?

This bespoke training package teaches your team how to update and manage the Drupal website and Content Management System themselves. This frees up your development team on the more important changes.

You'll get:

  • A discovery session where I meet with the editorial team to understand how the Content Management System is currently used. We will discuss workflows and identity the main issues that editors are having using the CMS
  • Customised training workshop(s) to give the editorial team the knowledge and confidence to manage the Drupal site
  • Practical exercises to cement the new skills
  • A training library for the editorial team to reference after the workshop is complete

Available from £3,800.