To revert a features module during deployment, add an update hook and call features_revert with the name of the module and the component you want to revert.

function my_module_update_6001() {
 features_revert(array('my_module' => array('panels_mini')));

This will revert panels_mini in the features module called “my_module” when you run update.php

You can find the name of the components in the features .info file, as follows:

features[component][] = "name" 

So for a mini panel called “my_mini_panel”, the .info file would have this line:

features[panels_mini][] = "my_mini_panel"

Now once you have deployed your feature to a new server, you just need to run update.php. The feature will revert to its code version. You would do this if you have changed a feature in your development environment and re-exported to code.