Start writing custom Drupal modules today!

I am really excited to announce the alpha launch of my digital book/course, Master Drupal 7 Module Development!

Are you building Drupal sites and itching to get to the next level? Are you a developer who is new to Drupal and want to start writing modules asap? Or have you already tried learning module development and spent too long going around in circles?

It doesn’t have too be hard. You can master module development without losing your hair. I have spent a lot of time researching where people struggle and my mission is to make it much easier for you to jump up the Drupal learning curve.

Master Drupal 7 Module Development is a series of lessons teaching you how to build real working custom modules. It is more of a self-guided course than a normal book. You will get the lessons in PDF, mobi and ePub format, all the code and extra guides that dive into topics in fine detail.

In the alpha edition, you will learn about:

  • Core concepts - Nodes, Entities, Bundles, Hooks system, Menu routing, Form API, Theming etc
  • How to structure module code
  • Build your first custom module
  • Implementing your first hook
  • Creating custom paths
  • Displaying messages to users
  • Altering existing forms
  • Programmatically defining blocks
  • Using Drush and Devel
  • Using Features to create a module
  • Adding custom code to a Feature module
  • Menu cards with wildcards
  • How Drupal deals with a page request (extra guide)

Future lessons will include: building an admin section, using the Ajax framework, defining your own Bundle and Fields, Entities, theming modules, implementing advanced hooks, security and performance best practices and more. You will get future lessons for no extra charge.

You can find out more about what is inside and what to expect with new lessons at the Master Drupal page

Here is how you get the book/course: You can buy the book at the shop.  You will get an email from FastSpring with a link to download the book and code.

Regular updates: You will receive regular updates and new lessons by email. Again, you will get a link to download the book and code. Each update will include a change-log, so you will know that has changed from the previous version.  

Open source: While the book is for paying customers, the modules that I create to teach you will be contributed back onto

The book/course is available at the moment with a 15% early edition discount. That means the book is available to you for $41.65, rather than the normal price of $49. Head over to the Master Drupal page to find out more, or to the shop to grab your copy.


I keep thinking about starting work with drupal but I feel that it is much more complicated than WP.

Blair Wadman's picture

It is in some ways, but it is also much more powerful, flexible and adaptable. Which sort of site(s) do you create?

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