Drupal 6 released

Drupal 6 has finally been unleashed on the world after a year of development and testing. This is thanks to the hundreds of core developers that made this happen.

So what has changed from the Drupal 5 series?

Improved installation

It is now even easier and faster to install.

Drag-and-drop administration

You can use drag and drop to organise menu's, blocks, forums, taxonomy (categories), profile fields etc. This will make Drupal administrations faster, easier, more intuitive and fun.

Language translation

Vast improvements on installing translation services to translate content to different languages.

Actions and triggers

A new feature that makes it a whole lot easier to customise workflows.


OpenID allows users to have one login ID that they use across multiple websites. OpenID is now part of the Drupal core.

Update status module

The Update Status module is now part of the core. This is very helpful in ensuring that your modules are always up to date with the latest version.


A lot of work has been done on making Drupal easier to theme. The aim is to make Drupal more designer friendly.

Improved Security

Drupal was already very secure and now it is even more so. Changes include password strength checking and granular permissions.


The code has been better optimised and split into smaller chunks. The menu system has been rewritten to make it more efficient. Caching now works for users that are logged in, as well as logged out. This will make a massive difference to page speeds for sites for a large number of members.


Usability is at the heart of Drupal 6. Improvements have been made to polls, forums, path aliasing, email notifications, comments, teaser lengths, sticky table headers (cool!) and signatures.

Thank you to everyone that was involved in this release! A lot of ground has been covered to make the best open source CMS even better. Now it is just a matter of waiting for a major contributed modules to be upgraded to work with Drupal 6.

Download Drupal 6