Drupal wins the 2008 Best PHP Based Open Source CMS

Drupal has one the 2008 Best PHP Based Open Source CMS from Packt Publishing. It beat fellow finalists Joomla and CMS Made Simple, who ere tied for runner up. It seems that Drupal's highly module framework and thriving community are two factors that tipped the award in its favour. Here is an extract from Packt Publishing:

The judges were complimentary about Drupal’s excellent installation of the system, modules and updates and especially the way it handles any errors during these processes. Comments were also reserved for Drupal’s strong social applications capabilities and how it integrates seamlessly with content management. Particular praise was reserved for Drupal’s large and hugely supportive community...

Congratulations to all those involved in the Drupal project. Drupal is much more then a CMS or a Framework. It is a community of very talented people who working together to achieve something great. Long may that live!

The winner for the overall open source CMS award will be announced on Friday. Finger crossed that Drupal can win that again.