Build robust Drip automation without the confusion

Drip is a marketing automation system by Leadpages that helps you increase leads, improve engagement, and streamline processes by building powerful personalised and automated marketing funnels.

If you use Drip, you might find yourself with a blank slate in which to build your workflows and campaigns. But then you find yourself lost with the seemingly unlimited options. How exactly should you structure your workflows? Is it best to use campaigns or workflows or rules? Liquid conditions - what are they? Help!

You are not alone. Each week I'll be sharing a bite size strategy or tactic that you can use immediately in your Drip setup.

Blair Wadman

Drip Weekly: A new bite size strategy or tactic every week


Drip Sessions: confused setting up Drip? We'll spend 90 minutes going through your Drip account with insights, new strategies & questions answered. Find out more

Drip Blueprint: save time by getting an full action plan of improvements (or setting up from scratch) for your Drip setup. Find out more

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