"Compact and full of useful information. Even if you have never wanted to write a book, read it. You may actually change your mind.... Fantastic return on invested time."
- Marcin Pajdzik, Technical Consultant

Generate passive income and propel your profile

Wouldn’t it be awesome to wake up in the morning and discover that a random stranger on the Internet purchased your book? There is no better feeling.

Wouldn't it be amazing to not have to chase work? And instead have companies chasing you, eager to convince you to let them hire you because they love your content.

Creating an ebook allows you to generate income outside of the 9-5. That illusive dream of passive income could become a reality. You may be wondering how to build a name for yourself, but you do not have to be famous to sell an ebook.

When I wrote my first technical book, Master Drupal Module Development, no-one knew who I was. I had no email list, no following and not that much traffic to my blog. Fast forward to today and I have a growing email list, significant traffic to my blog, companies contacting me to convince me to do work for them. This is all because of the one simple decision I made - to teach what I know.

I have created this book to give you a head start on your journey to launch and sell your first ebook.

Essentially you will learn from what I got right and, crucially, the mistakes I made along the way and how to avoid them. The aim is to fast-track you to success with your ebook.

"I made my money back in about 2 hours"

This is an exceptional book that gave me the courage as well as the strategies to launch my own book. I made my money back in about 2 hours after reading this book - Blair leads you through the actionable steps to doing it yourself.

Charlie Irish, Founder and Business Consultant

"Fantastic return on invested time."

Great read for all technical people. Not only developers. Compact and full of useful information. Even if you have never wanted to write a book, read it. You may actually change your mind.
You will discover many benefits of writing a book that you are probably not aware of right now. You will learn how to generate ideas and will be presented with all the tools one needs for writing. You will also know how to market, price and sell your book. All this information for just a few hours of reading. Fantastic return on invested time.

Marcin Pajdzik, Technical Consultant

You will learn how to:

  • Choose your target marketing and topic
  • Price your book
  • Start selling before the book is finished
  • Market your book and build your online profile in the process
  • Create content that show cases your expertise, builds your authority and makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Build and grow an email list

You will also get:

  • The Toolbox: The tools I used to write and publish my book
  • Case studies: Case studies from other successful web developers turned authors

Updates included

This is the beta version of the book. You will get future updates of this book for no extra cost!

I am Blair Wadman, a professional Web Developer & Consultant who has worked with some leading UK and global brands such as NBC, Bauer Publishing, Flight Centre and Haymarket Media Group.

I wrote Master Drupal Module Development to help people climb the Drupal learning curve without the pain. It has received amazing feedback, including "the must have Drupal developers book". Last year I tripled traffic to my blog, BeFused.com, through educational based content.

In 2014 I gave a talk at Drupal Camp Wroclaw about my experience writing a technical book. I got amazing feedback, which sparked the inspiration for this book.