Free courses to take you to the next level

Blogging for Developers

Increasing your profile through blogging can be a great way to attact better clients or land your dream job. This new free crash course is dedicated to helping developers gain the skills and confidence to create a successful blog.

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Starting Drupal 8 Module Development

Drupal 8: Controllers, Routes, Form classes, the death of hooks? Oh my, so many changes! What do I start?!

Learn the first steps in starting your new Drupal module in just 20 minutes per day. You’ll get your feet wet in the new world of Drupal 8 module development and get over the hardest hurdle of all - getting started without being overwhelmed.

You could struggle on your own OR you can sign up for this free 7-part guide to create your first module in 15 minutes per day.

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How to hire a Drupal developer

"Finding a high quality and reliable Drupal developer is the hardest part of this project"

I hear this a lot from the companies I work with. They have a Drupal project but finding the developers to make it a reality is the biggest stumbling block. Hiring a new developer is never an easy task, especially with an in demand technology like Drupal.

Is it a short term freelancer or a long term permanent developer that you need? Where do you find them? What qualities do you look for? How do you interview them? These are all common questions that clients and hiring managers have. I have put together a free 7 day email course to help you find answers to these questions that will assist you in finding that high quality, reliable Drupal developer for your project.

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