Internet Business Blogs

Love them or hate them, the blogsphere is a massive part of the web and is of increasing importance. Initially conceived as a way for individuals to easily maintain an online personal diary, blogs have become a powerful business instrument.

But you do have to wade though a lot of rubbish to find the true gems. When you find them, you will find yourself going back time and time again absorbing all the information on offer.

Here are some the blogs relating to Internet business and marketing that I read regularly:


Shoemoney is Internet entrepreneur Jeremy Schoemaker’s blog. It is packed full of excellent tips, advice and general info from one of the net’s gurus. The comments are a great read also.

Net Business Blog

The blog of web developer Matt Coddington. Net Business Blog goal is to “provide readers with real insight into the world of online business without the fluff”. It you are interesting in making money from the net, this is essential reading.

Affilate Blog

Fraser Edwards is one of the UK’s leading affiliate marketers. He regularly interviews key people from the world of affiliate marketing and provides them as podcasts on this blog. Theycan be very insightful.

Offical Google blog

The official blog of the current king of the Internet, Google. Love them or hate them, if you are serious about the net, you have to be serious about Google.

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is a software engineer at Google He currently heads Googles Webspam team. Matt provides an insiders view of Google. If you want to achieve a high ranking in Google, then check out his blog.

Kieron Donoghue

The blog of another of the UK’s top affiliate marketers, Kieron Donoghue. Kieron confesses to being an amateur with some of the technical stuff, but manages to be a pro at affiliate marketing.

Pro Blogger

Darren Rowse is a professional blogger and provides a lot of advice on this blog. This blog is perfect for budding bloggers. Even if you are not into blogging as such, much of the advice can be used on traditional websites.