Blog Roundup

This is the first in the series of blog roundups, where I will be reviewing some of the best posts from the blogsphere in the past week.

Darren Rowse writes about getting inbound links to your blog in his post titled “The ultimate guide to getting link love”. He discusses the 80-20 rule, which is a common rule in business where 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. In this context, 80% of your traffic comes from 20% of your links. Darren’s blog, Pro Blogger, is aimed at bloggers, but as usual, this post can be applied to traditional websites as well.

Frazer Edwards is famous for his podcast interviews on his blog, Affiliate Blog. This podcast is really helpful for those who are interesting in getting into an affiliate marketing. He touches on a common piece of advice for those interested in affiliate marketing, or indeed in starting website in general: Do what you are interested in and do not think about making money from the beginning, or you'll end up with another "me too" site.

Matt Coddington asks the question "Still Don’t Think We’re in a Bubble?" He discusses another web 2.0 site, Weblo, that is more about hype then substance. I have to agree with him, there is a worrying trend towards sites that grab attention but offer no real value. It is all sounding very similar.

Affiliate Marketer Chris Frost highlights some of the Wordpress plug-ins that you need to maximise SEO.