Blogging for Developers

by Blair Wadman

Why do some developers get the best gigs?

Have you ever wondered why some developers get quality job offers (or freelancing clients) coming to them, while you burn hours searching?

The difference is often in increasing your profile by having a decent blog. Teaching people online on your own blog is one of the best ways to not only help others, but also to land your dream job or attract clients.

This free crash course is dedicated to helping developers gain the skills and confidence to create a successful blog.

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Your Guide, Blair Wadman

Blair Wadman

I am a Drupal developer and strategist for world-leading brands and author of Conquer Drupal 8 Module Development and Master Drupal 7 Module Development.

I've been blogging for over a decade and it's the single biggest reason why I've been able to build a sustainable independent consulting practice.

The Curriculum

Why blog?

If you understand why you are doing something, and what you hope to achieve, you are much more likely to stick with it for the long term. You'll learn the benefits of building your blog.

Who to blog for

Some people write for themselves. But the best way to get long term growth for your blog is to write for others: help them by teaching them what you know; answer their questions; help them solve their problems.

You'll learn the main types of people you can write for and the differences between them.

What to blog

Knowing what to write is just as important as knowing who to write for.

You'll learn what topics to cover in your blog and a process for ensuring that your blog helps people.

How to blog

Practice is the key to getting better at writing. In the end, you’ll find a system that works for you. But starting from nothing is a daunting prospect. It is often easier to start with a system that other people use and then make it your own. I'll show the system that I use.

When to blog

People often have a stop start relationship with their writing, much like going to gym. You'll learn some strategies you can employee to maintain momentum and healthy writing habits.