Why you should not work while drunk

We have all done it. You get home from a night in the boozer and decide to do a bit of work. But it can all go wrong very quickly.

www.yellowthinginthesky.com is not pretty, its not big and its certainly not clever. Never go near your domain register when your drunk! It is amazing how many available domains you can find when your mind is a little "free" from the effects of a few pints of the good stuff. But they are rarely keepers.

Ego + Adwords = Bad! Your a bit revved up from a good discussion about politics in the pub. You can barely see straight, but you can see enough to spot that you are on the 2nd page in the Google for sponsored results. Its a competitive market, but you don't care, you have to be number one. You deserve to be number one. You can take on the world. You have more money then ebay, surely. So you increase your minimum bid ten fold. You still are not number one. Ok, a bit more won't hurt. Lets increase it 15 fold. Now your number 3. Who wants to be 3rd! There is only one winner in this game. You increase it 20 fold and are now sitting pretty at number one. Much better. You can rest easily now and get a good nights sleep. Of course, you will not remember anything in the morning and will discover that you have gone bankrupt on Adwords in a weeks time.

Getting personal on forums. Its easy to do when your a bit merry. You have spent years developing a good relationship with online communities. You have a few "virtual friends". You decide to push an argument that one step too far after a few ales. The result? World war three via a forum.

You need a new wide screen telly. You have one already, but it is not quite wide enough. And you have a affiliate link with a leading telly e-tailer, so your going to make on the deal. Your partner will thank you in the morning because he/she needs a bigger telly too. You discover that a £1500 model is now only £1200. Thats saving you £300! And you will make 5% in commission, so another £60. So you are making a profit of £360! Thats enough to pay for several great nights out. Oh wow, they have one click purchasing too. The signs are all there. CLICK -> BUY. Fantastic.

I think I am going to invent a breathalyser for computers. It will stop you turning one one unless your sober. You know it makes sense. You might even buy one next time your online blind drunk.