Laser Cosmos : A great example of a niche minisite

A friend sent me this site and I was so impressed that I felt compelled to blog about it. So that is my first point about this site, it is great link bait!

The first thing that grabbed me about the site is the unique and stunning design. It is interesting, different and fits in perfectly with the product itself. It is essentially a one page niche mini site that is promoting one single product, a Laser Cosmos.

It conveys all the necessary information about the product including its features, and what it does. It does it in an authoritative and trustworthy way, both through its presentation and the content itself. That is very important if you want users to become buyers.

Being an affiliate site, you can not actually buy the product direct from it. So it contains a mini comparison table about half way down the page. But more importantly, it has a strong call to action that really stands out above the fold (the area of the page you can see before you have to scroll). The call to action is the big blue "Buy Online" button. It is subtle enough to so that it does not come across as tacky, but powerful enough to stand out.

Take a look for yourself: Laser Cosmos.

Note: No I do not own this site and I am in no way affiliated to it!

Laser Cosmos site