Jumping on the CJ bandwagon

There have been a few blog posts in the UK Affiliate Marketing world about Commission Junction being a rather rubbish network. So I thought I had might as well join the bandwagon and express my dislike for good old Commission Junction!

There have been numerous times when I have tried to contact them about various issues. They always took weeks to get back to me, if they got back to me at all. And the times that they did get back to me, their attitude always stunk to high heaven. They treated me like I was just a pain, and a nuisance.

At one time I was promoting a mobile merchant. I was generating a few sales and a lot of clicks to the particular merchant. I didn't check my stats for a few weeks (it wasn't a huge priority at the time) and when I did, I realised that the clicks and sales just suddenly stopped. I queried this with CJ several times, but never got a response. But then I realised that I was no longer on the programme for the mobile merchant because their terms and conditions and commission rates had changed, and I had to agree to them to be accepted again. But not once did I get an email from CJ or the merchant advising me to accept the new terms and commission. I only stumbled upon it by chance while looking around the CJ interface. So I had lost a few weeks sales, although the traffic was still going to the merchant, so they were still getting the customers. I still do not understand why they had to remove me from the programme, with no notice, just because their terms and commission had changed. All other networks simply let the affiliates know that the commission has changed, and leave it up to the affiliates to decide whether to continue promoting the merchant or not.

And then, after having enough of CJ, I moved most of my business elsewhere. But I still had the odd one with CJ. When I went back to the CJ site after a few months, I was presented with a screen telling me that I had to reactivate my account because it had been suspended due to inactivity. It turned out that if you do not generate any sales for a few months (I can't remember the exactly duration) they suspend you and then charge you to reactive the account. Well hello, I didn't generate any sales because I moved my business to other networks because you are so rubbish. CJ did not bother to let me know that my account had been suspended. A simple email would have been nice. I did actually generate sales during the time that I was suspended because I convinced my wife and her sister to buy a mobile phone from a merchant that I had links for through CJ. They bought the phones and I did not get my commission. They had have nothing but trouble with the mobile merchant, so I wish I hadn't bothered.

The problem with CJ is that their general attitude towards affiliates stinks. They act like we are scum and do not deserve a moment of their time. They do not seem to realise that without affiliates, their business is dead in the water. Well I for one will not do business with an organisation that has nothing but contempt for the very people that pay their wages.

So I'm off now to close my account with CJ completely. Bye bye CJ, its been fun.