Another UK Affiliate on Dragons' Deans (Gaming Alerts)

Another UK affiliate has made it onto Dragons' Den. Last session we had Ling Valentine gracing us with her presence in Den, who famously said "I eat Dragon's for breakfast" while turning down the Dragon's investment. Last night we witnessed Emmie Matthews and Ed Stevens secure £200,000 funding for a 30% stake in their gaming affiliating business, Gaming Alerts.

Gaming Alerts delivers the latest gaming, bingo, poker, casino and bookie news and offers and information to your desktop. At first, I thought that Emmie and Ed were on the show as a publicity stunt to advertise their websites (much like Ling last session). During the show, their websites were down due to what must has been a flood of traffic. However, it became evident that there were deadly serious about securing funding from the Dragons.

All the Dragons bar one were unconvinced by Gaming Alerts. The one thing that frustrates me with Dragon's Den is that these so called experts declare that an idea will never work, or there is no market for it, when it is outside of their own personal field. They did not seem to see the enormous potential in affiliate marketing. Emmie and Ed have positioned themselves in one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing sectors and obviously know their business well.

Thankfully Theo Paphitis did see the value in the business and offered the full £200,000 investment. But the catch was, he wanted Emmie and Ed to suggest the equity figure. The first suggestion was 25%, which Theo turned down. The second suggestion of 30% was accepted by Theo and the deal was done.

Good luck to them. I am sure they will do very well with £200,000 investment and Theo's brain to tap into.


I wonder how long it is before someone registers the domain with a dash to seperate the words, its a great way to get free traffic. I was very suprised at this deal.

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