Hi, I'm Blair. I help membership organisations and businesses leverage Drupal to met their business goals.

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With a long history of web development and technical leadership, I combine Drupal, marketing automation, leadership with the technical know-how.

In addition to Drupal, I have a strong interest in marketing automation. This means I can help clients with Drupal sites to leverage marketing automation. On my personal site, I regularly write about email marketing automation strategies.

I have 20 years commercial experience in the web industry, working with a range of national and global companies, such as Times Higher Education, The Economist, Haymarket and NBC. I’ve also worked with many small and medium size companies.

This wide breadth of experience gives me a lot of draw on while creating solutions to my clients problems. Here’s a summary of my experience:

  • Led development teams to the successful launch of new high profile Drupal websites for Times Higher Education, Haymarket Media, The Careers and Enterprise Company, H Bauer Publishing
  • Architected Drupal solutions for leading membership organisations such as The Marketing Society
  • Built integrations between applications such as Drupal, Saleforce, Pardot, ConvertKit, Memberstack, Circle
  • Funnel & automation strategy to help companies leverage ConvertKit & Pardot to build their audience, and nurture and convert leads
  • Training of developers and editors in leveraging Drupal
  • Author of two books teaching developers who to create custom Drupal modules


I strongly believe in the following values, and they are the heart of who I am and how I work with clients.

Honesty and transparency

In order to deliver the best for my clients, we all need to be as open, honest and transparent as possible

Best interests of the client

Always putting what's at the best interests of my clients at the heart of what I do

Long term relationships

Working with good people for the long term, continuously improving both the working relationship and solutions we create together


By working together and collaborating on ideas with our combined pool of experience, we are able to find the best solutions

Teaching what I know

My mission is to enable my clients to be more efficient and deepen their own knowledge. I don’t hold back in teaching what I know


There are many ways to solve a business problem. I'll always endeavour to be flexible and work with my clients to find the best solutions for their unique needs

It’s rare to come across a standout Lead Engineer, Drupal, Agile and Scrum expert talent like Blair. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Blair on a new, high-profile, B2C proposition for THE. We had a fully-loaded backlog and an immovable deadline in addition to the challenge of 100% remote working (Covid) and multiple new recruits to the team. Blair’s strong technical and personal leadership enabled the team to form and perform at pace and successfully deliver the proposition. In addition, Blair’s warm personality and excellent communications skills within the team and across all stakeholder groups ensured the buy-in and support needed to ensure the team’s success. Blair would be an invaluable asset to any organisation.

Martina Keating, Director of Delivery Management at Times Higher Education

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