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Hi, I'm Blair Wadman. For the past decade, I've been on a mission to make learning career-enhancing skills in Drupal as easy as possible.

We’ve all struggled with resources that assume you already know what you are doing, Googling constantly to find answers, and not knowing where to turn to next. Do you want to conquer Drupal with confidence? Choose from the options below to begin your journey.

Blair Wadman

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I email exclusive lessons to thousands of Drupallers weekly. Start by choosing from the options below to begin your journey.

Drupal Books

Conquer Drupal 8 Module Development

Create your first Drupal 8 module with my 7 day program and get the practical hands-on experience you need.

Master Drupal 7 Module Development

Learn the nuts and bolts of Drupal 7 module development in plain, easy-to-understand language, bloat free.

"I am very glad I purchased Conquer D8. Experience and your book, were very helpful in giving me the knowledge I needed to pass the Acquia Certified Developer test for Drupal 8. Anyone who wants to learn about Drupal's new way of doing things in an easy-to-understand manner needs this book."

Eric J. Gruber

Drupal Training

Like the content on BeFused? Empower your team with Drupal training.

Drupal Consulting

Get a fresh view point on how to execute your business plans, build your team or improve your website and sales funnel.

Advisory call

Do you want to make sure that you are going in the right direction before you make big changes? Do you want to get a second opinion on hiring new developers, or improving your team? A 60-min call is a great place to start.

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Do you to want to cover more than what can be included in a 60 min call? We'll sit down (in person, or virtually) for half a day to do a deep dive. This is great for a complete review of what you are doing, or improving (or kick starting) your product roadmap.

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"Blair is not just an amazing and focused developer who pinpoints great solutions to problems and makes working on projects delightful, he also is one of those rare programmers who has devoted himself to the craft of Drupal development. What Blair doesn't know about Drupal I am pretty sure I don't need to know (and I like to know stuff!). As a digital projects leader at a leading B2B agency in London I put together teams of people who need to deliver excellent, well architected solutions fast. Blair has made my life considerably easier by being a consummate professional, great team addition and utter expert I have complete trust in. Only remains to say thank you."

James Jefferson, Project Director at Gravity Global

About me

Blair Wadman

I teach Drupal to developers & editors and consult on select projects.

I'm author of Master Drupal 7 Module Development and Conquer Drupal 8 Module Development. I've leveraged the power of Drupal for the last 12 years, for world-leading clients such as NBC Universal, Bauer Publishing, Haymarket Media Group, Gravity Global and Marketing Society.

My focus is writing books and courses that teach Drupal & business skills, as well as running training workshops. I’m also available on select projects as an advisor to help companies hire developers, improve dev teams and product roadmaps.