From Developer to Author

On May 17th, I gave a talk called "From Developer to Author" at DrupalCamp Wroclaw in Poland. I outlined a method to make extra revenue, increase exposure and teach others what you know by writing, self publishing and marketing a book.

It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to come and talk on a topic that I feel can really help a lot of developers.

In preparation for the talk, I asked three developers turned authors, Brennan Dunn (Double your Freelancing Rate and The Blueprint), Noah Gibbs (Rebuilding Rails) and Josh Earl (Sublime Productivity and Writing Sublime Plugins), questions on their experience on becoming a self-published author. Their answers provide some valuable insights!

If you are interested in writing and self-publishing your own book, I'll send you Brennan, Noah and Josh's full answers, the presentation slides and ongoing tips. Just pop in your details below.

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